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A lot of my preoccupation with diaspora consciousness and multiple voices in dialogue comes from my oddball childhood.  If you don't mind hard-core Marxist indoctrination, it's a really nice way to grow up," Though leaving New York for San Francisco in a break from her own communist regime, Eisenberg maintained her interest in "people's music" by heading to Eastern Europe to document women's folk music in Bulgaria and Romania. "That's when I realized I didn't want to be an ethnomusicologist; I wanted to be a rock star," she says.  Upon her return to the States, Eisenberg founded Charming Hostess, she says, "to make lovely noise, play with text, articulate ideas, and explore the emotional, erotic, and spiritual terrains that the voice can traverse." Sarajevo Blues is Eisenberg and Charming Hostess's second album on Tzadik. Her critically acclaimed first album, Trilectic, explored the political/erotic world of philosopher Walter Benjamin with wit and sensuality. Charming Hostess has performed live with such luminaries as David Krakauer and Fred Frith and has graced the stage internationally from Lillith Fair to Leipzig.

The Jewish Post wrote:" This group is a national treasure." Maximillien de Lafayette in Art and Style Magazine wrote: "They are powerful, comically serious and melodramatically funny. They are full of life, vocal virtuosity and human warmth. In their genre, they are a triumph."-Ann Braithwaite  



Digital Art in New York City and Abroad

Moderator: Renee Schacht, Assistant Director of the New York Digital Salon. Panelists: Zhang Ga, media artist and co-director of agent.netart Liz Slagus, Director of Education at Eyebeam. Linda Lauro Lazin, chair of SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery. Zhang Ga is a media artist and co-director of agent.netart. He has exhibited internationally at the Ars Electronica Center, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Whitney Museum of American Art and Singapore Art Museum among others, curated exhibitions, organized conferences and digital salons, written on new media art practice and criticism, and served on jury duties for media art grants. He is the artistic director of the Millennium Dialogue: Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium, an annual project he initiated and organized, and a member of the curatorial committee of the 13th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2006). Zhang Ga has taught at the MFA Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute. Most recently he has joined the New York Institute of Technology as associate professor of communication arts. Zhang Ga studied at the Central School of Fine Arts in Beijing and University of Arts in Berlin (UDK) and holds an MFA from the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Since 1999, Liz Slagus has developed and managed various Eyebeam Education programs, from school, youth, & family-related courses and workshops to broader issues of new and digital literacies and learning and teaching practices. Liz has organized and spoken on several panels regarding art and technology education programming, including AAM and NYCMER. She has taught new media art courses for the University of Connecticut and the University of Rochester via Eyebeam and has consulted for many organizations and schools within New York City regarding art and technology education and programming.  Liz holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art History and Anthropology from Bucknell University and a Master's Degree in Visual Arts Administration from New York University. Linda Lauro-Lazin has been exhibiting her artwork for more than 25 years in the U.S. and Europe. She has been using digital media since 1986. Recently, she has been chosen to be the Art Chair for SIGGRAPH 2005. Ms. Lauro-Lazin's artwork will be included in "Art in the Digital Age" a new book by Bruce Wands Thames and Hudson. Her artwork has been shown recently at SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria and on the Rhizome website.

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