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By Maximillien de Lafayette

What hotels and restaurants employees usually complain about?!

1-Complaining to employers will not result in any change.

2-We were not given timely, reliable and truthful information about the job and the company.

3-As foreigners, they did not trust us. We were not treated with trust and respect.

4-They donít trust foreigners and foreigners do not trust them. Still we need each other.

5-We will always have problem with direct supervision and direct supervisors.

6-In big  companies, you are nothing but a serial number.

7-Employers reprimand us in front of customers and fellow employees. They donít care about your own feelings and whether you have been offended or deeply hurt in your feelings.

8-There is a lot of kissing asses.

9-The supervisor kick sasses of the small employees and kisses the ass of his boss. No honor and no  self esteem.

10-You are never sure when they will fire your ass..

11-Stand up for your rights and you will get fired on the spot

12-Tthere is too much pressure to learn something new.



13-Havenít seen a promise that has been kept.

14-Promotions depend on who you suck up to.

15-Meetings are a waste of time.

16-We would like to see an 80 hour check.

17-Supervisors always stress bad points, never good ones.

18-They give you a raise after 3 months to keep you on the job if they need you badly, later to forget about you for 300 years.

19-They send us to training and who is training us? The guy we are complaining about. Terrific!

20-Thank you for allowing me to keep my mouth shut.

21-We keep hearing stuff like this: ďPlease hire employees who can speak English.Ē

22-I miss my supervisor when she is not here and I miss her more when she is around.



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