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By Maximillien de Lafayette

What hotels and restaurants owners usually complain about?!

1-I knew somebody will screw up.

2-No loyalty.

3-It is so difficult to find good help in America..

4-They will always steal from me.

5-They will sue your ass in a heart beat.

6-First, you tell them you gonna to tell them. And then, you tell them. Then, you tell them again.

7-Everybody gets paid here, except me.

8-They are my employees, but I work for them.

9-With those American employees, demanding and bitching all the time, I cannot pay myself a salary.

10-If you want to stay in business, hire only your mother and own sons. If you canít, hire those you know from your own country. American employees will always look upon me as a foreigner, no matter what I do, and no matter how good and generous I am toward them.


11-American employees will always think that foreigners who succeeded in this country have more than enough. They would not miss an opportunity to steal from me, to take whatever they can, whether it is cash, merchandise or stuff from the office.

12-American employees are creative in theft. They will always figure out new ways to steal.

13-American employees always complain they donít make enough money.

14-It was not the IRS. It was my American employees who bankrupted me.

15-Donít kid yourself, they are not your friends.

16-American employees are always looking for another job.

17-They donít mind coming early to get their paycheck.

18-American employees always keep on telling you how hard they work for you.

19-American employees spy on each other, dislike each other, but when they leave the office, they leave together to get drunk.

20-Ask them to work two weekends in a row, and see how many will get sick so fast.

21-American employees constantly complain about favoritism but, donít mind if they were the favorite ones.

22-They want a fun place and a family environment at work, yet, they donít trust each other.

23-Would they call long distance every five minutes, if they were using their own phone?

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